Global forwarding

Global forwarding

Susanne Huth’s photo book paints a vivid picture of how used cars are transferred from Hamburg to West African megacities.

Without committing herself to a chronological documentation, Susanne Huth's photographs taken at the shipping location in Hamburg give us an exact picture of the transfer procedure: the shabby slab building that houses the logistics firm, the transport lists and route maps, the rows of cars against a backdrop of loading cranes, the view through the car window of the interior that is used as an additional hold to accommodate more goods.

A folded poster inserted into the book features a collection of business cards of second-hand car dealers and represents a second visual level.

The book was nominated for the Deutsche Fotobuchpreis in 2015.

Published by Revolver Publishing, with a text written by Susanne Holschbach. ISBN 978-3- 95763-033-9