Was Post-digital Better?

Was Post-digital Better?

The publication “Was Post-digital Better?”, which was edited and designed by Martin Conrads and Franziska Morlok, features the works of students from their joint seminar at Berlin University of the Arts as well as texts by Nina Franz, Manuel Bürger, Verena Kuni, Clemens Jahn and Jan Distelmeyer. Each book contains a floppy disc of unknown origin and content.

The term “post-digital” has been under discussion for several years: at the heart of this debate is the question of the extent to which the digital is no longer perceived as the new, thereby opening up a different view of the difference between analog and digital media.

The publication shows what effects the post-digital has on design and how it can be understood and used as a future model for design processes.

Renowned authors have written articles on the topic of the post-digital, while design works by design students are also shown. The publication is based on the 2012/2013 seminar "Postdigital is better" organized by Franziska Morlok and Martin Conrads in the Visual Communication course at the Berlin University of the Arts and the subsequent exhibition at the designtransfer gallery.

Revolver Publishing, ISBN: 978-3-95763-004-9