Goldrausch 2023

on the edge of

Goldrausch Künstlerinnenprojekt is a professionalization programme for female* visual artists. Since 2016, we have been designing the identity for their annual graduate exhibition in close cooperation with the artists.

“Goldrausch 2023 – on the edge” presents the works of 15 participants in the Goldrausch women artists’ project, which include various forms of artistic expression such as experimental films, video and sound installations, conceptual photography, painting, tapestries, performance and sculpture.

In their works, the artists explore feminist perspectives on history and pop culture as well as multi-perspective narratives of everyday rituals and economies. They conceptually examine media and content boundaries, revealing in-between spaces and transformation processes. The exhibition “Goldrausch 2023 – on the edge of” invites visitors to question existing systems and explore the potential for transformation.