The exhibition “POWER SPACE VIOLENCE” at the Akademie der Künste deals with the planning and building during the National Socialist regime and interrogates continuities and ruptures up to the present. The basis for this was a research project by the Independent Historical Commission that lasted several years. We were also responsible for the design of the exhibition and the accompanying catalog.


The identity for the exhibition “POWER SPACE VIOLENCE” uses a striking typography that contrasts the historical images and illustrates the view of them from today.

The concise arrangement of the title enables a consistent design concept across a wide range of formats and media. We designed posters, advertising and flyer formats as well as a movie trailer for the exhibition communication. We developed a social media concept for the extensive program accompanying the exhibition.

Exhibition graphics

The exhibition is deliberately designed as a process: Images and texts are printed on simple recycled paper and very simply attached to wooden constructions. This creates views and layers of different content. The striking typographic level creates a clear orientation in the exhibition, which is very complex in terms of content.

The exhibition is divided into several thematic areas - housing construction, infrastructure, internationality and the construction of camps under National Socialism are explained.

Photos: Andreas FranzXaver Süß, Rimini Berlin


The catalog picks up on the process-based design of the exhibition: It is printed on recycled paper and deliberately bound as a simple softcover. The typography clearly guides the reader through the complex, multi-layered content. It shows a lot of historical footage from the exhibition and makes connections clear.

Katalog Macht Raum Gewalt

Katalog Macht Raum Gewalt