Art in the Underground 2021

as above, so below

The Berlin nGbK’s “Art in the Underground” competition has been taking place for over 60 years. We have designed all media for the 2021 and 2023 editions as well as the accompanying publications.

This year’s edition, entitled “as above, so below,” focuses on the U8 subway line, whose course forms an axis running lengthwise through the city. The artistic interventions address land prices, the privatization of housing, the relocation of human and plant actors, and the impact of global warming on urban habitats. The design takes up stratifications in urban space. “Above” and “below” are relative categories that enter into discussion with all other realities. The design reflects the confusion, the togetherness and juxtaposition of Berlin in an abstract way. 

With works by Sasha Amaya, Clara Brinkmann, Philine Puffer, Florine Schüschke and Juli Sikorska. 

The project was led by Barbara Green, Lorena Juan, Marenka Krasomil, Isabelle Meiffert and Mirko Winkel with Savannah Thümler.

The accompanying publication has been published by Distanz Verlag.