Dieter Ruckhaberle Prize 22/23

How do we turn salt into sugar?

“How do we turn Salt into Sugar?” at Museum Reinickendorf presents the winners of the 2022/23 Dieter Ruckhaberle Prize: Anna Scherbyna and Uliana Bychenkova, artists and curators, born in Ukraine and living in Germany since March 2022. Like last year, we designed the exhibition for the Ruckhaberle Prize.

The prizewinners Anna Scherbyna and Uliana Bychenkova invited other artists to collaborate on site-specific interventions at GalerieETAGE that interact with the space and the content of the exhibition on local history. The artists reflect on the concept of “home” against the backdrop of physical and psychological homelessness, particularly in view of the current war and the renewed displacement in Europe associated with it.

The design takes up the theme of “homelessness” through a graphic that is remotely reminiscent of a map. The typography takes up the emerging spaces in a striking way.