1 Million Roses for Angela Davis

1 Million Roses for Angela Davis

The exhibition of the Albertinum in the Lipsiusbau uses archive material to examine the connections between the Black Power activist and civil rights campaigner Angela Davis and the GDR. At the same time, the exhibition shows contemporary art that refers to Angela Davis and her influence. In addition to the visual identity, we also designed the exhibition graphics and a publication for “1 Million Roses for Angela Davis”. Curator: Kathleen Reinhardt


The publication brings together texts on Angela Davis and her work in the GDR as well as exhibition views of the artistic works shown there. The centerpiece is an interview with Angela Davis. The publication works with two different papers, the text part is completely in black and pink. Published by Mousse Publishing.


The visual identity for the exhibition “1 Million Roses for Angela Davis” underlines the special character of the exhibition: on the one hand, it is about a historical reappraisal of Angela Davis’ relationship with the GDR, but on the other, it is also an exhibition of contemporary art with works influenced by Angela Davis. The detail of her face makes it clear that it is not about her (so much seen) image, but about the effect of her words.

Photography: Stephen Shames


In dialog with archive materials and works by artists from the GDR, an experimental space is created in the exhibition. The exhibition also shows contemporary art that refers to Angela Davis and her influence. A timeline explains the historical context.

Exhibition architecture: Kooperative für Darstellungspolitik